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Known by the NeuralNET handle "spaceboy", Maximilian Samuel Renqvist, or Max  spent most of his younger years in the combat simulation NeuralSPACE when he wasn't looking after his little sister Anika. He never really gave much thought to his parents having never made an appearance, and didn't really think himself strange because of it. 

Still gaming, Max also took up an interest in Hoverboarding so that he could save walking-time traveling to Education Arena , And Guitar so that he could play along to his favorite musicians. Unfortunately, his habits lead to him being the silent type in an attempt to mask shyness. He developed a strong fear of the attention from oral reports and did his best to "Not Stand Out" despite being quite intelligent.

A Rocky StartEdit

When CyberDan first joined Mr. Farley's history class, Max observed him getting picked on by Rodney and Chet and attempted to stick up for him. Upon noticing Dan not sticking up for himself, Max let off some anxiety that he wasn't going to bother defending someone who wouldn't even defend themself. Unfortunately, Dan got the impression Max was simply targeting him as well. 

While waiting for the Tram on his way home, Max was caught off guard by Dan shoving him against the wall. "Do you wanna fight?? is that it?!!?" he asked... but Max re-itterated his position and suggested Dan go cool off. The next day,  Dan approached an initially defensive Max to give a sincere appoligy. Max shrugged off the previous day's events and agreed to start over, asking Dan if he wanted to hang out after classes. Reluctantly, Dan went along thinking it was a setup of some kind. 

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